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Step Alpha – Renee Rose

Step Alpha - Renee Rose

In “Step Alpha: A Wolf Shifter Academy Romance,” navigate the tense undercurrents of pack politics, teenage angst, and forbidden love.

Rayne’s life takes an unexpected twist when her stepbrother, Wilde, enters the scene. He’s a wolf shifter with dangerously glowing green eyes, magnetic attraction, and an aura of silent power. Yet his presence at school causes nothing but trouble for Rayne, who already stands out enough in a sea of judgement.

When Wilde interferes with her budding friendship with Lincoln, Rayne has to juggle the tightrope of human relationships and pack dynamics. She fights to keep her secret safe, to keep Lincoln safe, and more importantly, to keep herself safe. But with Wilde’s eyes gleaming with an unspoken challenge, Rayne’s courage is put to the test.

Defiance battles with fear, resentment clashes with an unexpected allure, and in the end, Rayne must make decisions that will shape not only her future but that of her pack. As Wilde’s instinct to protect grows more intense, so does the danger that follows.

Caught in the crossfire of wolf shifter politics, human friendships, and forbidden desires, Rayne must ask herself – what is she willing to risk to preserve her world as she knows it? With every confrontation, the tension escalates, threatening to shatter the tenuous bond that exists between Rayne and Wilde.

Experience the thrill, romance, and drama in “Step Alpha: A Wolf Shifter Academy Romance,” a tale of love, loyalty, and the primal instinct of survival.